Lesson 3

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Viewing Game Syncs in the Profiler

Now you’ll use the Profiler to view the Game Syncs you’ve configured in this lesson and verify that they’re working properly.

  1. In the Wwise menu bar, choose Layouts > Profiler.

    The Profiler layout is displayed.

    A lot of information can be viewed by the Profiler, but sometimes it’s too much. Since you’re only interested in looking at the Game Sync functionality, you can use displays options to select the specific types of incidents you wish to see.

  2. Click Display options in the Capture Log view located in the upper-left area of the Profiler layout.

    The Capture Log Display Options dialog is displayed, providing check boxes that you can use to filter your view to see specific types of information.

  3. Disable all check boxes, except for States and Switches, then click Close.

  4. Launch Cube.

    Remember that the version of Cube you’re running is a special profiler version of the game that can be connected directly to Wwise. Once Cube is running, you need to establish your connection between Wwise and the game.

  5. In the Wwise toolbar, click Connect to Remote Platform.

    Select your computer, and click Connect.

    Wwise connects to the game. The Start capture on connect check box was selected, so Wwise immediately begins a Capture Log.

  6. Play Cube and run through the level while capturing a log in the profiler Capture Log.

    You can see in the Capture Log that as the Wwizard moves through the level Wwise is receiving the Switch calls indicating the surface that the player is on.

    With the completion of this lesson, you've taken a big step forward in understanding game audio integration techniques. Your knowledge of Game Syncs should now allow you hear their application in any of the games you play. See if you can reverse engineer how your favorite games might be using Switches, States and Game Parameters. This will serve as inspiration for applying these tools in creative ways within your own game!

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