Lesson 3

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Using Game Parameters

Another important type of game sync called a Game Parameter, is also known as an RTPC (Real Time Parameter Control). Game Parameters are great for any type of information that varies over a numerical range during game play. Game Parameters could represent the speed or rpm of a car, mission completion percentage, or even the time of day.

In Cube, one very important variable is the health of our Wwizard. The Wwizard starts with a health value of 100, but if the bad guys have their way, our Wwizard will be defeated when his health deteriorates to a value of 0.

While playing the game, the health value is visible in the lower part of the screen, but in the heat of battle, it’s hard to keep your eye on the health meter. This is where audible feedback related to the player’s health can be very helpful. The louder and more noticeable the heartbeat is, the worse shape the player is in.

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