Example: Footsteps

The Footsteps example demonstrates how you can create a simple hierarchy of Switch Containers to create variation for an otherwise repetitive sound.

To listen to the Footsteps example:

  1. Load the “Footstep_Types” Switch Container or the “Play_Footstep” Event into the Transport Control.

  2. In the Transport Control, click Switches and select the footstep type and material that you want to hear.

In this example, the parent Switch Container includes three footstep types:

  • Crouching

  • Walking

  • Running

Each of these three footstep types contains another Switch Container that determines the surfaces on which the characters will walk:

  • Concrete

  • Gravel

  • Hard Metal

  • Hard Wood

  • Water

To create diversity for each footstep type to material association, a Random Container containing between four and six variations has been created for each variation. The complete hierarchy looks like this:

To further avoid repetition, volume and pitch is randomized each time a new footstep is played. To see the random ranges, double click on the volume or pitch randomizer icon on the top-level Switch Container named “Footstep_Types”.