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New Features

Integration with Steinberg Nuendo 7

It is now possible to configure a link between Wwise and Steinberg's Nuendo 7. The Nuendo connection enables the direct sending of files and audio mixdowns to Wwise, as well as highlighting of exported regions in the Nuendo source project.

Support for Sony Project Morpheus 3D Audio

The PS4 libAudio3d feature set, the system library that handles 3D audio in Project Morpheus, is now accessible in Wwise via three different plug-ins.

  • SCE Audio3d Bed Output wraps the audio end-point implementation of libAudio3d.
  • SCE Audio3d Global Settings controls global libAudio3d parameters.
  • SCE Audio3d Object Panner enables object-based panning by libAudio3d in Wwise.

Custom Platforms

Wwise now allows you to create multiple customizable platforms per target SDK.

For example, instead of being limited to one single "Windows" platform and one single "iOS" platform, your project now has the possibility to have "WindowsHighRez", "WindowsLowRez", "iPhone6", and "iPad" custom platforms.

Post Event Action

While creating events, it is now possible to add actions that reference other events. This is useful when a specific set of actions is to be repeated across many events.

New Reset Playlist Action

A new Reset Playlist Event Action is now available for Random and Sequence containers in step mode, allowing to reset the playlist.

Background User Music Management

Background music replacement by user music through the console's music player is now possible on more platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android. Also, busses now have a "Mute For Background Music" option, which allows muting of multiple busses instead of just one when the user music starts.

Events and Targets Viewable in the Advanced Profiler

The Voices tab of the Advanced Profiler now has two new columns:

  • Event: Lists called events
  • Target: Lists objects targeted by the Play action of an event

This information is also viewable in the Voices Graph tab with two new corresponding buttons:

  • Events: Displays nodes in the graph for any called events
  • Targets: Displays nodes in the graph for the objects targeted by event calls

RTPC Tab Game Object Watches

All game objects with watches are now displayed as vertical lines in the RTPC tab graph view, which are flagged with quickly viewable information on the object's coupled parameter value.

Incremental SoundBank Generation

The time to generate SoundBanks has been greatly reduced. Only SoundBanks that have changed are now generated.

SoundFrame Additions

The SoundFrame SDK has new features:

  • SoundBank objects can now be fetched and handled via drag-and-drop.
  • The new AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::ShowWwiseObject() method allows the SoundFrame client to inspect objects in various views such as the Property Editor, List View, and Project Explorer.

More Flexibility in Conversion Settings

New settings "Min Sample Rate", "Max Sample Rate" and "Allow channel upmix" were added to Conversion Settings.

Pin to cache

A new API has been added to Wwise to allow the user to have more precise control over audio data in the streaming cache. By calling PinEventInStreamCache(), the user can request that certain events have their media ‘pinned’ into stream cache, so that it is ready and can be played with zero latency when needed. If the data is not already in cache when PinEventInStreamCache() is called, then the data will be streamed in with a low priority automatic stream. The length, in milliseconds, of each media file that is pinned can be customized using the prefetch slider in the Wwise authoring tool. The data will stay in memory until the user releases the media by calling UnpinEventInStreamCache().

RTPC Optimizations

Using RTPC now requires less CPU processing, thanks to optimizations.

Table Filtering

Views throughout Wwise now have a search icon in the upper right corner to filter table elements down to those matching your search string.

Batch Rename

A new view, Batch Rename, has been added to allow mass renaming of a project's objects.

Significant Vorbis Codec Performance Improvement

Wwise 2015.1 has improved Vorbis speed for most platforms. As detailed in the following table, our tests reveal significant gains even at their lowest levels with high quality compression.

Android Intel (PC & Mac) iOS PS3 PS4 Vita (hardware) Vita (software) Xbox 360 Xbox One
Highest Quality (Q 10) 1.06x 1.20x 1.19x 1.09x 1.14x 1.12x 1.19x 1.24x 1.31x
Lowest Quality (Q -2) 1.15x 1.61x 1.57x 1.27x 1.43x 1.28x 1.52x 1.67x 1.72x

Documentation on

The Wwise documentation is now available online at The different sources of documentation are now searchable all within a single portal.