Special Thanks


The production of this document could not have been possible without vast expertise of the Audiokinetic team, especially Simon Ashby and Etienne Caron who were instrumental in validating the terminology and consistency of intent throughout the development of the documentation. Additionally, the final document presentation relied heavily on the capable technical wizardry of Bernard Rodrigue.


Judy Lapalme moved swiftly and effortlessly to correct errant punctuation and help streamline clunky sentence structure.

Project Content

All content was created exclusively for use in the accompanying Wwise Project Adventure by Bay Area Sound: Julian Kwasneski (Sound Design) & Jared Emerson-Johnson (Composer).

Continuity Experts (Beta Testers)

Hrishikesh Dani, Luca Fusi, Jack Menhorn, Roel Sanchez, Michael Taylor, and Rob Bridgett.