Lesson 6

Table of Contents

Creating Additional Mixing Desks

Multiple mixing desks can be created and quickly recalled so that you can focus on specific parts of your game’s mix. It’s common to want to view all of your bus objects on a single screen, as they represent the last stages of your game’s signal flow. Using their meters lets you see if the overall amount of signal feeding those busses is too high and lets you view the interaction between busses as with ducking.

  1. In the Mixing Desk view, click the [>>] selector button and choose New.

  2. Name the new Mixing Session Bus Masters, then click OK.

  3. From the Project Explorer’s Master-Mixer Hierarchy, add the Master Audio Bus, Environmental, SFX, env_corridor, and Music busses to the Bus Masters Mixing Desk.

    You now have a Mixing Desk devoted to working with your bus masters, which you’ll use in the next exercise.