Lesson 3

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Configuring State Modification Values

Now that you’ve set up your State Group with the desired transition time, you need to identify which properties of the Heartbeat Sound SFX object you want to change when the PlayerLife state changes.

  1. In the Project Explorer’s Audio tab, confirm the Heartbeat object is selected and then switch to the States tab.

    Before you can indicate which properties will be affected by a change in a state, you need to indicate which State Group will affect the Heartbeat object.

  2. Click Add State Group >> and choose PlayerLife.

    The PlayerLife State Group is displayed with a list of possible States shown below. Each State has parameters that can be offset when the corresponding State is in effect.

    You don’t want anything to be offset when the player is alive, but when the player is defeated, you want the volume of the heartbeat to fade away. You’ll do this by lowering the volume as well as raising the value of the Low-pass Filter.

  3. For the Defeated State, set the Voice Volume to -96 and the Voice Low-pass Filter to 100.


    More properties are controllable via States. You can see a list of the available properties and add them by clicking the Properties button.

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