Lesson 3

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Simulating State Transition Using the Transport Control

Remember that the transition time you set when going from Alive to Defeated is five seconds long, so the change in the volume and the filter of the heartbeat will gradually crossfade over five seconds, letting the player hear their heartbeat gradually fade away once they’ve been defeated.

Just as you’ve used the Transport Control to test Switches and Game Parameters, you can do the same with States. Before you test it, you want to be able to hear the heartbeat, so you’ll need to set the PlayerHealth RTPC to 0, so you can hear the heartbeat loud and clear.

  1. In the Transport Control view, set the PlayerHealth RTPC to 0.

  2. Click States.

  3. Change the PlayerLife State Group to Defeated.

    While it may seem sad to hear your player’s heartbeat gradually fade away, remember that you can bring him back to life by simply changing the PlayerLife State back to Alive. Since you didn’t define a transition time that goes from Defeated to Alive, the default transition time that was set to one second will be used.

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