Lesson 3

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Creating a State Transition

A State is uniquely able to provide an offset to an object’s properties that can be applied gradually over a defined amount of time. For example, in a game played on a boat, a State could be used as a way to low-pass filter nearly all of the sounds in a game when the player falls off the boat and into the water. The transition from an above water state to a below water state could have a transition time that is instantaneous, but the effects of moving from below water to above could be set to occur over a matter of few seconds, gradually decreasing the impact of the filter until the water drains from the players ears, and the sounds again can be heard with full frequency.

In this exercise, you’ll define that the transition from Alive to Defeated occurs over 5 seconds.

  1. Double-click the PlayerLife State Group you created. In the State Group Property Editor, click the Insert button.

    In the Custom Transition Time area, there is a From and a To column with a time value separating the two.

  2. In the Custom Transition Time area, set the From drop-down menu to Alive and the To drop-down menu to Defeated.

  3. Set the transition time to 5 seconds.

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