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Defining 2D Sound Positioning

With most visual aspects of the menu displayed on a two-dimensional plane, it's common to also ignore 3D positioning for a sound object and instead manually control the positioning in 2D. Wwise enables direct control over 2D positioning of a sound object from the positioning tab in the Project Explorer.

2D Position editor

By switching the positioning to 2D you gain control over the sound's position through the use of the 2D panner interface and also via a percentage parameter for the center channel that sends a contribution of the sound to the center speaker.

[Note] Programmer Note

Usually, UI events are triggered from a global game object (a game object without positioning info)

Of primary concern when scoring for the user experience is the feel and aesthetic of the sound itself. While there is always room to use advanced techniques to achieve certain effects, the role of sounds that help to provide feedback to the user are usually much more difficult to design than they are to implement.