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Using the Control Surface Toolbar

The Control Surface toolbar shows the following elements:

Interface Element


Back Navigation button

Navigates to the previous selected object (Backspace).

Next Navigation button

Navigates forward in navigation list (Shift+Backspace)

Current Selection Object

Shows the current selected object.

Last Property Changed

Shows the last object, property, and value (as a slider) modified with a Control Surface's binding.

Loaded Binding Groups

These buttons show which groups, from among the following, are active and inactive:

  • Global: The target object is defined in binding.

  • Current Selection: The target object is the last selected one.

  • View Group: The target object is loaded in the specified group via the specified view. For example, the button might be written YourGroup:Soundcaster, meaning your project has a defined View Group called "YourGroup" and it has been specified for use within the Soundcaster. There can be multiple View Groups defined in different views, so you may have more than one button.

Clicking the group names can change the group activity.

  • Active: blue

  • Inactive: gray

[Note] Note

The Control Surface toolbar is only visible when there is a Control Surface Session loaded in the Control Surface Bindings view.