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Unleashing Dynamic Synthesis

Another way to replace, augment, or supplement audio files is with the Wwise Synth One plug-in. Synthesis provides a flexible and dynamic audio platform that doesn't depend on system memory (RAM); it uses CPU to generate sounds at runtime instead. Chances are good that you're already using synthesis as part of your sound design process within a DAW. With the power of Wwise Synth One, synthesis can become a part of your pipeline within the Wwise authoring environment.

Game Parameters, MIDI Messages, Modulator LFO, and Modulator Envelope can be added as part of any Sound Object, Audio Bus, or Aux Bus RTPC and then used to modify properties of Wwise Synth One, SoundSeed Whoosh, SoundSeed Air, or any DSP plug-in. Being able to manipulate sound using synthesis at runtime gives you greater flexibility to modify properties using parameters from the game or from within the Wwise authoring environment.