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Creating a Binding for a Keyboard Shortcut

Global Bindings can be used to trigger the same global commands that are also accessible in the Keyboard Shortcut manager. You can have a global command that is both triggered by the Keyboard Shortcut Manager and by a Control Surface Session's Binding.

To create a global binding in the Control Surface Bindings view:

  1. Select the Global group.

  2. Click the Add & Learn Binding button.

    The binding entry is added and the Learn button is activated.

    Properties/Commands that can be selected via the UI become green.

  3. Click the [>>] button to select the Command.

  4. Select Global commands... from the menu

  5. Browse for the global command to launch.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Use the hardware control desired for the binding.

    The Learn button is deactivated.

    The binding is created and ready.

[Note] Note

Bindings for Global Commands can be created in other groups, such as the Current Selection group or the View groups