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Wwise SDK 2019.2.12

◆ PostCreateOrModify()

virtual AK::Wwise::ISourceControl::OperationResult AK.Wwise::ISourceControl::PostCreateOrModify ( const StringList in_rFilenameList,
CreateOrModifyOperation  in_eOperation,
bool &  out_rContinue 
pure virtual

This method is called when the user adds files to the project (Work Units or Sources), saves the project, or triggers any call to a Wwise operation that could alter source control files. It is called after Wwise performs the operation and is always preceded by a call to PreCreateOrModify.

The result of the operation
in_rFilenameList A list of the names of the files that are to be added (Some files may already exist)
in_eOperation The operation(s) that will be performed on these files
out_rContinue A returned flag that indicates if Wwise is continuing the current operation