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Wwise SDK 2019.2.13

◆ GetPluginData()

virtual bool AK.Wwise::IAudioPlugin::GetPluginData ( const GUID &  in_guidPlatform,
AkPluginParamID  in_idParam,
IWriteData in_pDataWriter 
) const
pure virtual

This function is called by Wwise to obtain parameters that will be sent to the sound engine when Wwise is connected. This block should contain only data that is NOT a property defined in the plugin xml file. The parameter ID should be something different than the ones used in the plugin xml.

This function is guaranteed to be called by a single thread at a time.
True if the plug-in has some plugin-defined data. False otherwise.
See also
in_guidPlatform The unique ID of the queried platform
in_idParam The plugin-defined parameter ID
in_pDataWriter A pointer to the data writer interface

Implemented in AK.Wwise::DefaultAudioPluginImplementation.