Creating Simulations with the Soundcaster

At any point in the development process you might find it helpful to build a simulation using the Wwise objects and events you have been working on. To accomplish this, Wwise has created a simulation environment called the Soundcaster where you can play back sound, music, and motion structures asynchronously. This means you can control what plays and when. This can be very handy for testing events, mixing in real time, and so on. The Soundcaster is a powerful tool that can be used for:

  • Prototyping and experimenting.

  • Developing a proof of concept.

  • Auditioning sounds, music, and motion simultaneously.

Since you can simulate in Wwise alone or by remotely connecting to a game, the Soundcaster provides you with many different uses for your simulation. For any simulation you can choose to:

  • Selectively audition the audio or motion for each platform.

  • Audition pre-converted audio files.

  • Profile your audio and/or motion as it is playing back.

  • Mix and test your audio and motion in Wwise by manually simulating the game action.

  • Profile your audio and motion in game and in Wwise.

  • Experiment with the sounds, music, and motion objects associated with a game object.

  • Mix and test your sounds, music, and motion in game.

The Soundcaster consists of three areas:

  • Master controls

  • Game syncs

  • Objects and events

Soundcaster showing the three main areas of simulation interaction

Using the different areas of the Soundcaster, you can work with its mixing and playback functionalities when you build your simulation.

For more information on using the Soundcaster:

Wwise Help > Finishing Your Project > Creating Simulations

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