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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
What's New in 2010.1.3?

2010.1.3 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2010.1.2 and version 2010.1.3.

New Features

  • WG-17920 In the Positioning tab of the Property Editor, a hierarchical menu is now used to select an Attenuation.

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • WG-17986 Added separate source starvation notification for XMA decoder.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-17610 Fixed: Errors about invalid events were displayed when generating banks in cases where there was actually no error.
  • WG-17913 Fixed: PS3 Vorbis decoder crashes on packet header corruption.
  • WG-17952 Fixed: Inoffensive assert "in_pBranchItem->CanRestoreChainPlayback()".
  • WG-17972 Fixed: Possible memory leak on the Wii when spawning multiple Environmental effects.
  • WG-18069 Fixed: Very rare crash or assert (First() && First()>IsSegment() && First()>SyncTime() == 0) while performing a music transition in a particular scenario.
  • WG-18087 Fixed: Crash when adding a player motion device while playing a 3d Game Defined motion object.
  • WG-18098 Fixed: Rare crash in CAkMusicCtx::OnStopped().
  • WG-18139 Fixed: DirectInput controller that doesn't support rumble could lead to a crash.