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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK::IAkMixerInputContext类 参考abstract

Interface to retrieve information about an input of a mixer. 更多...

Public 成员函数

virtual IAkPluginParam GetInputParam ()=0
virtual IAkVoicePluginInfo GetVoiceInfo ()=0
virtual AkConnectionType  GetConnectionType ()=0
virtual AkUniqueID  GetAudioNodeID ()=0
virtual void *  GetUserData ()=0
virtual void  SetUserData (void *in_pUserData)=0
Default positioning information.
The methods of this group are deprecated.
virtual AkReal32  GetCenterPerc ()=0
virtual AkSpeakerPanningType  GetSpeakerPanningType ()=0
virtual void  GetPannerPosition (AkVector &out_position)=0
virtual bool  HasListenerRelativeRouting ()=0
virtual Ak3DPositionType  Get3DPositionType ()=0
virtual AkUInt32  GetNum3DPositions ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  Get3DPosition (AkUInt32 in_uIndex, AkEmitterListenerPair &out_soundPosition)=0
virtual AkReal32  GetSpread (AkUInt32 in_uIndex)=0
virtual AkReal32  GetFocus (AkUInt32 in_uIndex)=0
virtual bool  GetMaxAttenuationDistance (AkReal32 &out_fMaxAttenuationDistance)=0
virtual void  GetSpatializedVolumes (AK::SpeakerVolumes::MatrixPtr out_mxPrevVolumes, AK::SpeakerVolumes::MatrixPtr out_mxNextVolumes)=0
  Get next volumes as computed by the sound engine for this input. 更多...
virtual Ak3DSpatializationMode  Get3DSpatializationMode ()=0

Protected 成员函数

virtual  ~IAkMixerInputContext ()
  Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. 更多...


Interface to retrieve information about an input of a mixer.

在文件 IAkPlugin.h745 行定义.