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AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::PlaylistItem类 参考

Public 成员函数

  PlaylistItem ()
  PlaylistItem (const PlaylistItem &in_rCopy)
  ~PlaylistItem ()
PlaylistItem operator= (const PlaylistItem &in_rCopy)
bool  operator== (const PlaylistItem &in_rCopy)
AKRESULT  SetExternalSources (AkUInt32 in_nExternalSrc, AkExternalSourceInfo *in_pExternalSrc)
AkExternalSourceArray *  GetExternalSources ()
  Get the external source array. Internal use only. 更多...

Public 属性

AkUniqueID  audioNodeID
  Unique ID of Audio Node 更多...
AkTimeMs  msDelay
  Delay before playing this item, in milliseconds 更多...
void *  pCustomInfo
  Optional user data 更多...